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Herrick Law, LLC is here to empower you to define your legacy during your lifetime and ensure that loved ones who depend on you are protected in the event of your incapacity or death. A comprehensive estate plan ensures your own wishes and preferences are communicated and can be met if you are unable to manage your affairs. Regardless of the size of your estate, we will work with you to provide an estate plan to suit your needs.

  • Durable power of attorney that names an agent to handle your financial affairs while you are alive but unable to do so for yourself

  • Medical power of attorney that names an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated

  • Health care directive (living will) regarding life support measures

  • Will to govern the distribution of your assets and nominate a guardian for minor children

  • Revocable trust to avoid probate and protect assets from creditors

  • Real estate deeds

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A marital agreement, also known as prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, is a legal contract two people may choose to enter prior to or following their marriage. While this planning can understandably make people uncomfortable, a well-negotiated agreement should entice each party to enter into it willingly. A well-structured agreement will remove uncertainty in the event of divorce. The agreement can set the framework for deciding important marital issues and should result in increased financial certainty and clarity for both parties. The agreement should be the framework for other estate planning, so that in the event of death, there is coordination in one’s documents for the estate to pass in the manner the parties intended.

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When a friend or family member passes away, your energy should not be focused on probate forms, but instead on grieving. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or frustrated in navigating through estate or trust administration. Whether you need to file for probate, prepare accountings and inventories, or administer a will or trust, the process does not have to be difficult. Herrick Law, LLC will listen with a sympathetic ear, and compassionately advise you in the months following the loss of a loved one.

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